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Dogemine 2


Server IP: play.doge-mine.com
Server IP: play.doge-mine.com
Port: 19132

Dogemine 2 is a Minecraft Crypto Server, This is where you can play Minecraft while earning Dogecoin With two GameModes Survival and Prison you can play on our server both Java and Bedrock Edition
So, Have fun and Make sure to Invite your friends to play together (play alone if you dont have any)


Dogemine 2 is created by August with help from GameWatch21 as a Co-Owner of Dogemine 2

We have Survival and Prison, which we can add more game modes soon

Yes! that's right, You can get dogecoin by playing on our server, different gamemode have different method to earn doge, for now you will need to join our discord server to withdraw doge

We may add automatic withdrawal in the future

No, the main reason is to make prison fully grind and you cant easily rank up with deposit as our currency exchange rate also high

Thus, you will get there if you grind :)