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Server IP:
Port: 19132

Dogemine 2 is a Minecraft Crypto Server, This is where you can play Minecraft while earning Dogecoin With two GameModes Survival and Prison you can play on our server both Java and Bedrock Edition
So, Have fun and Make sure to Invite your friends to play together (play alone if you dont have any)

Welcome to new Dogemine 2 Website

Welcome to new Dogemine 2 Website

Hello Dogeminer

It's great to meet you here, Welcome to our new website we recently working on

This new website include new feature we will give to our player and visitor


  • Shop
  • Support Ticket
  • FAQ
  • Wiki
  • Updates

Now you will be able to buy ranks easily with our own Curreny Point by deposit on our Discord server

Create a support ticket for Ban Appeal, Suggestion, Bug Report, Support, General and any other support you need from us

We also have FAQ and Wiki for new players to learn about Dogemine 2, the stories, how you earn doge and tips


With this, our first post of our first release on our website is over

Thank you for Reading

Posted on June 26, 2021 by GameWatch